Healthy Herbal Heaven

Lavender Marjoram Melissa Oregano Rosemary Sage Thyme

The aromatic medicinal herbs on my balcony

Since deciding to use fresh instead of dried aromatic medicinal herbs, a garden on the balcony is needed, a healthy herbal heaven. Now that it is ready, there appears to be a problem. I no longer want to mutilate these very nice plants, taking off bits and pieces to mix with my food. Seeing them dried in bottles and sachets in the supermarket, they all look quite the same, just taste differently. Standing proud alive and swaying in their pots on my balcony, they gained a kind of personality, living things that need cared for. Continue reading


Cagliari Bonaria Cemetery

Historic part of Cagliari Bonaria cemetery in early morning July watering of graves and grass

The historic part of the Cagliari Bonaria cemetery

The Cagliari Bonaria Cemetery is found against the hill of Bonaria (Buenaire, “buona aria”, good air). The hill of limestone with its many burial caves was a necropolis during Punic-Roman and early Christian times. Later, in Cagliari one was buried in churches or in areas immediately adjacent, causing significant problems with hygiene, in particular during epidemic cholera. Following the one of 1816, the army Captain Engineer Luigi Damiano designed the Bonaria Cemetery, which was inaugurated on January 1, 1829 and closed for new applicants after 1968. Continue reading

Bitter Sweet Smoothie

Picture of ingredients recipe bitter sweet smoothie

Ingredients recipe bitter sweet smoothie

I have been experimenting with the blender to make smoothies with a bite. This is another recipe that I dare to release. This bitter sweet smoothie is inspired by a neo-classical Belgian endive salad we used to prepare with tangerine and raisins at our student dorm. I exchanged the tangerine for the bitter grapefruit, added besides bitter endive also the bitter Italian chicory. To sweeten, I added the very tasty little wild Sardinian pears with some juice of pears and with raisins. Finally, I added a bit of ginger for the bite. Continue reading

Spicy Fish Soup

Image ingredients recipe spicy fish soup fish broth mussels

Ingredients recipe Spicy Fish Soup

You can go for expensive tasty fishes that you can grill or feed the kids, giving not too much hassle with tiny bones. But I love to save a dime and make really tasty fish soup from the cheap buggers that you just can’t eat without the bones.

This spicy fish soup is inspired by a Korean recipe that I have adapted to the availability of the Sardinian products from the San Benedetto Fish Market. Continue reading

House Falls Apart

Image collage fire brigade civil protection

2 fallen stones invite fire brigade – civil protection

My apartment is located in one of the quietest quarters of Cagliari at a road with only local traffic and now my house falls apart. For 10 years I live here and nothing ever happens but the emptying of the garbage at 5:00 in the morning. A good time to get up and listen to the birds awakening as the day is still cool. A few months ago things started to change. My roof began to leak and shortly after, a water pipe broke in my kitchen and flooded the apartment below. Continue reading

Sea Sun Salt

View on Cagliari Molentargius salt mine and Poetto beach

Cagliari Molentargius salt mine / Poetto beach

In the south-east of Cagliari, sun sea salt is combined in a solar salt mine (Molentargius Saline). Here, salt was mined since Phoenician times, later by Romans and then the Italian state raised taxes on production costs from 3% to 300% until 1975 when the monopoly ended and the salt mine was closed.  The mine was named after the small Sardinian donkey ‘su Molenti’, used to carry the bags of salt and even pull boats in the canals together with prisoners. Continue reading

Itsy Bitsy Tiny

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We rush by the world of Itsy Bitsy Tiny things and forget that we are all made of the same. Step outside into the small, like a child magically shrunk to the size of an insect, no taller than grass, hiding and sheltering below a forest of leaves. That’s why I bought the very best of macro lenses I could afford to shoot without killing. Continue reading