Sea Cow Safari

Mosaic Chia Sadinia beach salt flat cows trace fossils sea safari

Mosaic of sea cow safari near Chia

As a kid I wanted to join the missionaries in Africa to spot wild beasts and now I find myself on an early morning sea cow safari. While trying to reach a beach west of Chia (SW Sardinia) via a salt flat, I see these strange trace fossils in the once flooded and now dried mud. Soon I stand eye to eye with the leader of a pack, a giant father bull that appears to be a mother cow. You really need a longer zoom and then find that balance between slow approach, not scaring and certainly not provoking that deadly attack. A thrilling moment when the big one roars and it takes a turn to notice young bulls lagging behind. Is that calling for them not also a warning for me? So I walk back and find the cowboy on a scooter managing the parking lot at the beach. He shows me a fine of 200 Euros from the forestry because of the bathing of his herd in the nearby sea. Also in Sardinia, the Wild West shall be tamed.


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