Cool Climate Change

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This week temperatures are rising up to 40oC in Cagliari and so I am looking for a cool climate change. You might like to go to the beach or stay inside near the air conditioner, but rather I take a trip around the world in the botanic garden (Orto Botanico). Situated since 1866 in the centre of Cagliari, it offers 5 hectares of cool shady forest, hot sunny desert, juicy oasis and all types of gardens in between. Endless occasions for photographing, as 2000 species of trees, bushes, herbs, cactus, flowers and the occasional insects, fishes and birds offer themselves for the attentive eye. Besides you may encounter humans of all kinds, but these have not been sufficiently explored yet. Still too busy taking the photos shown in the slideshow and zoomable collage of which I like the Lotus plant a lot, even if after wilting of flowers and petals falling, only the seed pods remain.


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