Flowers On Departure

Mosaic artificial flowers grave Bonaria cemetery plastic paper dried

Mosaic artificial flowers Bonaria cemetery

Death finds little room in our modern lives, but at the end, still that open door and then we may hope for flowers on departure.  The Cagliari Bonaria Cemetery (Cimitero di Bonaria) is located on an acient Punician burial ground (Necropolis) and was used between 1829 and 1968. It witnesses passing times when the deceased remained longer with us and where honoured regularly. Even the lesser fortunate were not cremated and forgotten but buried in coffins stacked behind marble walls and above ground along streets. Plastic, paper and some dried flowers have withstood weathering and still show the love, although somewhat faded, for the departed long gone. You might think a collage like this is lugubrious, but then I suggest it should be reserved for funeral parlours, crematoria, gothic’s and the occasional lover of the movie Harold & Maude. I found funerals in the family excellent occasions to shed some tears and then catch up with long no-seen relatives, good for a drink and laugh or two. You may like to dance on my grave, but not soon yet I hope, and then with some flowers and good laughs too?


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