Benedetto Fish Market

Collage Mediterranean sea food fish lobster langouste Cagliari san benedetto fish market cagliari

Sea food Cagliari San Benedetto Market

Each day of the week there is fresh fish at San Benedetto Fish Market, except on Sunday when fish don’t work and worship Neptune in the Mediterranean Sea. I find fish most beautiful in the water, on their second-best fresh on the market and ugly on the dish, but then they at least taste good. I go to the fish market in the centre of Cagliari, a few km from the harbour, to buy fish for the grill (expensive) or for the soup (cheap). They are caught somewhere within the 4000 km2 fishing grounds around the south of Sardinia. Sardinia exports some of the best Tuna in the world according to the Japanese experts, but maybe more on that another time. This time I profited to take a series of pictures of fish and other marine life on its second best, boosted the colors with photomatix and DxO optics, cut them to pieces and arranged them together in a collage, showing the markets diversity, including fishmonger and his tools.


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