Itsy Bitsy Tiny

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We rush by the world of Itsy Bitsy Tiny things and forget that we are all made of the same. Step outside into the small, like a child magically shrunk to the size of an insect, no taller than grass, hiding and sheltering below a forest of leaves. That’s why I bought the very best of macro lenses I could afford to shoot without killing. My little brother and I were different then and used to suffocate the bugs in glasses filled with ether, to pin them down in rows in boxes. There was less of them after that and nowadays I would not hesitate to do the same if my life depended on it. Nature is about killing and being killed. Yet, no more need for that, having that photo camera at hand, it is just more practical to digitise the critters and store them on disc rather than in a tight box. No more hunting, gathering and collecting, but close-encountering and observing the beings in the context of their natural habitat. Thus we evolved from 19th century kids to 21th century adults within the span of a lifetime.

Starring: Gonepteryx rhamni,  Graphosoma lineatumAcrididaeSympetrum fonscolombii


2 thoughts on “Itsy Bitsy Tiny

  1. nice pics ! And indeed , we don’t have to collect them anymore , I do the same now : digitize them in their own habitat , great !!!

    • Thanks Bas, I appreciate the compliment especially coming from you. Next thing I am going to do is buying a light box to photograph also when there is, like most of the time here in Sardinia, too much wind for close-up photography of swaying objects

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