House Falls Apart

Image collage fire brigade civil protection

2 fallen stones invite fire brigade – civil protection

My apartment is located in one of the quietest quarters of Cagliari at a road with only local traffic and now my house falls apart. For 10 years I live here and nothing ever happens but the emptying of the garbage at 5:00 in the morning. A good time to get up and listen to the birds awakening as the day is still cool. A few months ago things started to change. My roof began to leak and shortly after, a water pipe broke in my kitchen and flooded the apartment below. A week ago, the same happened in the staircase and then just the other day, I hear some rumour outside and see a hysterical woman with a little dog gesticulating towards a pair of rocks on the side walk and looking up to neighbors balcony above.  A quarter of an hour later the fire brigade and citizen protection agency show up. They begin sealing off the area while the responsible of the apartment complex is still trying to find out who will get the bill. Soon the 2 stones and our building have been enclosed and secured, the problem solved and everybody leaves for home happily and satisfied. Now it is as quite as usual or is this eerie silence before the storm? Should I start packing and preparing for that longed for little house with a garden near the sea? To be continued…by me I hope.


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