Spicy Fish Soup

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Ingredients recipe Spicy Fish Soup

You can go for expensive tasty fishes that you can grill or feed the kids, giving not too much hassle with tiny bones. But I love to save a dime and make really tasty fish soup from the cheap buggers that you just can’t eat without the bones.

This spicy fish soup is inspired by a Korean recipe that I have adapted to the availability of the Sardinian products from the San Benedetto Fish Market.Ingredients: 10 small fishes + 500 g of mussels, 10 mushrooms + 1 onion + 1 lemon + a bushel of parsley + 4 cloves of garlic, a small cup of very good fish broth to be mixed with a liter of water, and some dried chili peppers.

Preparation: Cut the unions in rings and fry these very gently in olive oil until they become translucent and light brown. Add the fine-chopped garlic, the sliced mushrooms and the dried peppers (less if your not into extremely hot). Gently fry until the mushrooms are dark brown. Add the fish broth to a liter of water and bring against boiling. Add the broth to the onions, garlic, mushrooms and peppers. Mix well and let simmer during several minutes, then take of the heat. Put the washed fishes without their intestines in a separate pan and pour part of the broth without the other ingredients to cover the fish entirely. Cook the fish in the broth gently during 20 – 30 minutes. Then pass the broth with fish through a fine sieve on top of the pan with the other ingredients. Let eventually cool and then salvage as much as possible of the fish meat and return to the broth without adding too many bones. Now bring the broth against cooking again and add the cleaned mussels (don’t add the ones that are open) Overturn the mussels a couple of times and switch of the heat when the mussels have opened. Finally add the fine-shopped parsley and squeeze the lemon to add juice to your taste to the soup. .

Serving: Hot in bowl with some mussels still in their shell (Don’t use the ones that are still closed).


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