Fly Cove Snorkeling

Cormorants underwater photography cala mosca cagliari sardinia

Cormorants and underwater photographs Cala Mosca

Cala (cove) Mosca (fly) is a well known little beach frequented by elderly Cagliaritani where I can practice my underwater photography during some fly cove snorkelling. It is about 10 minutes drive from my house and I go there around 9 in the morning when the sun just peeks over the white limestone cliff and starts illuminating the rocky sea below.  At that time, the parking lot has not yet filled up and the sun bathers just start occupying the beach.

Only 50 meters to the south is the rocky coast and over there one is alone with the elements. While swimming, first carefully avoid getting entangled in the fishing lines, then float quietly along the cormorants (Phalocrocorax aristotelis desmarestii) to reach a calm underwater world of algae and fish. To make photos, I use the Casio point and shoot within an impermeable DiCAPac bag. The zoom is set to 80 mm (a bit less zoom and wider angle of view might be better for greater depth of field and less underexposure). This time I awaited a rather calm sea to minimize brusque motion. While photographing without artificial light, I stay close to the surface to preserve colors, in particular the longer wavelength reds. The camera is prepared beforehand, setting shutter speed manually to 1/160 s, auto focus to center point; ISO varies automatically between 100 and 200 for RAW shots; the aperture switches automatically between 1/3.2 and 1/7.5. I think the pictures have improved since last time, but still more patience is needed so the fish get nearer.


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