Francis of Assisi


Zoomable Collage Francis of Assisi

You like to photograph animals and must go on safari to catch them, while they sometimes come to you like they did with Francis of Assisi (Giovanni Francesco di Bernardone; 1181 – 1226, an Italian Catholic friar and preacher to animals). This happened to me 2 and a ½ times during my stay abroad. First was a cross orbweaver spider (Araneus diadematus) that made its web right into the window of my former bedroom. Seeing my pictures, my mother was quick to point out that she could not be blamed as the room itself was well-cleaned and the spider was thus actually outside the window.  Second was a female emperor dragonfly (Anax imperator) that made its way into my sisters living room. While I was taking pictures my sister came home from work and I needed to release it outside, otherwise I could have had some shots in flight or even a sound recording.  A ½ were parakeets tok and tuk (Melopsittacus undulatus), because they are always in their cage, although this time particularly courageous and cooperating, even if tok could still not help hiding a bit.


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