Made In Sardinia


Zoomable Collage Made In Sardinia

Following a tip of friend Giorgia, I went to the 29 August evening event ‘lights at the Castle’ (Luci a Castello) in Cagliari, especially for the subterranean excursion and then prematurely wound up at the exhibition of hand crafts (artigianato) made in Sardinia. Looked like all of culture minded Cagliari came just for the excursion to the caves below the Castle of St Remy and of course there were not enough torches and helmets. The excursion was then cancelled for security reasons. Since this is the second time, could it be a publicity stunt, also to be read on the faces of in-crowd near the guide with the megaphone? Anyhow, there are other occasions and too many is too much, also above ground, so let them have their alternative excursion.  go for the excellent exhibition of the hand craft shown in ways artists think suits best their original works, meanwhile also exposing a bit of their own personalities.


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