Cagliari Domenica Allucinante


Zoomable collage of Cagliari Domenica Allucinante

Early Sunday morning you can still take pictures of an older Cagliari without cars, long time gone. Armed with the proper lens the result can be a ‘Cagliari Domenica Allucinante’ (Incredible Cagliari Sunday). Cars are the pest for the historic part of the city. You will find them everywhere and most of the time they are double parked too. Cagliaritani tend to abandon their cars a few steps away from their destiny. Switching on the hazard lights, blinking means:

“Hey, I know I am blocking your way, but mind you this is not real parking, please remain calm and know that I will be back before the battery runs empty, or else, at least after you have also nerved the rest of the neighborhood with some of your serious claxoning”.

That is why you have to look for pictures of the historic parts on the quietest hours of the week and in the narrowest streets of the city. This time, I went to ‘Stampace’, one of the oldest and poorest neighbourhoods of Cagliari, where streets are so tight that the cars have to adapt by becoming really tiny and even then you still find them everywhere, hidden in the smallest crevices. Fortunately, some room has to remain so that their conspecific specimen can pass and only there you find what you are looking for.
It helps using a really wide-angle lens, although with the 10.5 mm fisheye it can get a bit like hallucinating, the more when you also encounter Lophophora williamsii. Before you know, transported back into the time of ‘Carlos Castaneda’s ‘Teachings of Don Juan’ and Vespa scooters.

On my way back home, I quickly passed the flea market to buy matching books of a vintage Sardinia and by chance stumbled on a 3 euro Chinese lacquer jewellery box for one of my dearest. The music box inside was dead and the spring seemed over wound. At home, I took it apart and found a secret box inside with artificial nails for a 12-fingered dragon lady and a silver ear stud with 5 emerald-like stones, blocking the Japanese music box that immediately started playing once liberated.

My thoughts wandered to China and Japan with their over wound relations, still quarrelling over some tiny pieces of rock in an ocean of tears, blocking their harmonious future.


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