A Vain Bird

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When photographing the posing peacock at Monte Urpinu Park (post) one cannot escape the impression that a peacock is a vain bird (video) and wonder why it is the male that struts around in his best, brightest and quite striking feathers, while the female peahen and her peachicks are rather dull and discrete? In contrast to the polygamous peafowl, the males and females of the monogamous pigeons and crows are poorly distinguishable and there is hardly any sexual dimorphism. It is said that the peacock evolved due to the females that naturally selected the partner with the longest tail, showing the most eyes when feathers are fanned. Supposedly because these have the better DNA as they are the healthiest ones that can afford to invest a lot of extra food and energy into their fancy appearance. Continue reading


Monte Urpinu Park


Spherical panorama of Monte Urpinu park

After I have visited Monte Urpinu summit, I descend the steep path into Monte Urpinu Park. This is a pine forest against the north-western face of Monte Urpinu hill with three lakes that are connected by waterfalls and with a playground for children and their parents where a little kiosk provides sweets, snacks and drinks. In the very early morning when hardly anybody else is in the park, I make my tour along the lakes to feed the left-over bread to the ducks and geese, while some dried insect and crustacean food from the pet shop goes to the carnivorous semi-aquatic turtles. Continue reading

Monte Urpinu Summit


Spherical pano of Monte Urpinu Summit

Half of the time I work at home, but at early Tuesday mornings the cleaning lady throws me outside and then I start my day on Monte Urpinu Summit. This is the highest of the seven hills of Cagliari at 98 m above sea level. The highest point at this beautiful sight is actually the tip of the index finger of Saint Francis of which a bronze statue was placed in 1984. In ancient times Monte Urpini’s pine forest was poorly accessible and the home of foxes and wolves. Nowadays it is a green lung. Continue reading

San Michele Church

Ceiling-San Michele-church-Cagliari-Sardinia

Spherical panorama of the San Michele church of Cagliari

Before the world, God was in peace as there was no good and evil, such I was reflecting while sitting in San Michele Church.  After the world had become, evil manifested in heaven and was then conquered by Michael (Mi = who, ke = like, el-= deity) to be banned to earth, where it became known as Satan the fallen angel. No wonder the archangel Michael is worshiped as the healer, the messenger of God, the judge of souls and the ‘logos’ in the holy spirit, or else as Jesus, the son of God. Continue reading

Castle of Quirra


Spherical panorama of bar Agus at Quirra

This story about a little bar could as well have been called coffee-, crisis- or courage- instead of castle of Quirra. Yet, it is about more than coffee, while crisis is not a story but reality according to the bar keeper and as concerns the courage, it just lacked for the 20 minutes climb to reach the castle on this warm late October afternoon. So about the bar of Luciana and Franco Agus, it is the first sign of life when coming from the abandoned Baccu Locci arsenic mine where I am now working already more than 2 years helping to clean the pollution. Continue reading