San Michele Church

Ceiling-San Michele-church-Cagliari-Sardinia

Spherical panorama of the San Michele church of Cagliari

Before the world, God was in peace as there was no good and evil, such I was reflecting while sitting in San Michele Church.  After the world had become, evil manifested in heaven and was then conquered by Michael (Mi = who, ke = like, el-= deity) to be banned to earth, where it became known as Satan the fallen angel. No wonder the archangel Michael is worshiped as the healer, the messenger of God, the judge of souls and the ‘logos’ in the holy spirit, or else as Jesus, the son of God.

Since I am growing in the image of Satan and are losing my feathers, I need to discard some dead weight so to become sufficiently detached, allowing my soul of 21 grams to someday reach heaven again with a little help of Saint Michael’s wings.
In the meantime, I can only wonder about the workings of faith that build the church of San Michele, gods house for the Jesuits, constructed between 1674 and 1712 in the richest style of the baroque within the poorest quarter Stampace of Cagliari.


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