Monte Urpinu Summit


Spherical pano of Monte Urpinu Summit

Half of the time I work at home, but at early Tuesday mornings the cleaning lady throws me outside and then I start my day on Monte Urpinu Summit. This is the highest of the seven hills of Cagliari at 98 m above sea level. The highest point at this beautiful sight is actually the tip of the index finger of Saint Francis of which a bronze statue was placed in 1984. In ancient times Monte Urpini’s pine forest was poorly accessible and the home of foxes and wolves. Nowadays it is a green lung.


Zoomable pano from Monte Urpinu to Cagliari Port

Great parks in Cagliari are often former military zones left over from the Cold War that could not be sold for construction and thus survived into the modern era of ecologic awareness. As a reminder, Monte Urpinu’s South East rocky hill side still contains the sunken-in remains of jet fuel tanks. Toward the South East one views the former solar salt mines of Molentargius, the beach/port of Poetto, and the Golfo degli Angeli; while Monte Urpinu view toward the South West shows the old city center and the port with ferry of Cagliari. Even my home can be seen in the North East sparkling clean, so Anna must have left the building and it’s my time to return and mess it up again.


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