Castello Di Quirra


Spherical pano of the castle of Quirra

Driving on the SS 125 along the South East coast of Sardinia one may like to stop at the bar near the Castle of Quirra (3D panorama) to drink a coffee, take in water, the necessary calories and then ask for the direction to the ruins of the ‘Castello Di Quirra (3D panorama)’. This castle was built by the Judges of Cagliari in the first half of the 13th century on top of a 300 m high rock called Monte Cudias. It was inhabited by the ‘Pisani’ until they were driven out by the ‘Aragonesi’ in 1324 under command of Admiral Francisco Carroz. In 1363, Peter IV the king of Aragon elevated Berengario Carroz to the Marquis of Quirra and although the castle was besieged various times, it was never taken. Continue reading


Santa Barbara Cave


Spercial pano Santa Barbara Cave

Since the San Giovanni lead-silver-zinc mine (1554-1985) near Gonnesa (SW Sardinia, 2D and 3D pano) has been shut-down, the miners gladly guide you in their elevator almost 500 meters down into the mountain to hot, humid and sulfurous galleries or 50 m up at 200 m above sea level to the cool fresh Santa Barbara Cave, named after the patron saint of the miners. The geodic cave without natural opening was discovered during excavation of an aeration shaft for the mine in 1952 and remained closed for the public until quite recently. It is very special in that it shows large barium sulfate (barite) and calcium carbonate (aragonitecalcite) crystals that precipitated while the cave was still filled with water. As concerns the origin of the cave there are different possible scenarios. Continue reading

The Beast’s Neighbor


Reading the damned about a 13 year old girl in hell on the 13th of November while waiting for the doctor with number 666 in line.

Once I thought about ordering that T-shirt which said “number 665 the Beast’s Neighbor”, but then why inviting trouble for nothing, so I left it at that. Last year got my trouble nevertheless, difficulty of walking, couldn’t keep my equilibrium. Thought it would pass and there should be no need to visit the doctor, just like hardly ever before. After New Year, the thirteenth moon, a cripple walking with a stick, send to the emergency ward of the hospital, they made pictures and refused to let me go. Continue reading

Temple Of Antas


Spherical panorama of the temple of Antas

When standing in a remote valley surrounded by densely forested mountains, while looking up to the ruins of the Temple of Antas, to mind come the words spoken by William Faulkner ‘s personage Gavin Stevens:“The past is never dead; it’s not even past”. Here, the father of the Sardinians (Sardus Pater) was worshiped more than 3000 years ago. The oldest written records of this prehistoric cult are by Timaeus Tauromenium (fourth century BC) also found in remnants of the Histories of Sallust (86 – 35 BC) who wrote: “Sardus, son of Hercules (the Punic divinity Melqart), together with a large multitude of men, coming from Libya in North Africa, occupied the island known as Ichnusa and gave it his name Sardinia”. Continue reading