The Beast’s Neighbor


Reading the damned about a 13 year old girl in hell on the 13th of November while waiting for the doctor with number 666 in line.

Once I thought about ordering that T-shirt which said “number 665 the Beast’s Neighbor”, but then why inviting trouble for nothing, so I left it at that. Last year got my trouble nevertheless, difficulty of walking, couldn’t keep my equilibrium. Thought it would pass and there should be no need to visit the doctor, just like hardly ever before. After New Year, the thirteenth moon, a cripple walking with a stick, send to the emergency ward of the hospital, they made pictures and refused to let me go.

A vertebra had been dissolved by a bone marrow tumor, collapsed and almost cut of my nerves. Immediately operated, got titanium prosthesis and was turned into a kind of bionic man or an Evel Knievel-light. While spending a number of weeks in the hospital bed, other patients came and went, among them a young man with a tumor in his head, fearing not to see his little kid grow up, he prayed to God every day asking for his recovery. Trying to comfort him I said: “And should God not answer your prayers, don’t hesitate to ask the Devil instead”.

Today, 10 months later, learned to walk again, regularly visited the hospital for radiation– and chemotherapy, lost my hair and money in doing so, kept my good spirits, gained a lot of weight and opened my eyes to better see the world around. Today we are going to see if some good blood stem cells are left in the bone marrow, to be chemically stimulated to wander into my blood stream, then centrifuged for storage in the fridge until it is time for autotransplantation after the remains of the bone marrow have been destroyed.

So, what does it mean that today, out of all possible days, it is the thirteenth, am reading Chuck Palahniuk’s “Damned” about a 13 year young girl winding-up in Hell, just drew the number 666 in the row of patients waiting to visit the doctor, and recorded all this with photo CIMG0013 on my memory card? Wonder if I should have kept my mouth shut that other day in the hospital 10 months ago.

Eh…….., just received the message that not enough stem cells are in the blood yet, today’s coincidences could just have been false alarm, have to come back tomorrow to try again, might be a pity as I just read that 13 happens to be a lucky number in Italy.


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