Castello Di Quirra


Spherical pano of the castle of Quirra

Driving on the SS 125 along the South East coast of Sardinia one may like to stop at the bar near the Castle of Quirra (3D panorama) to drink a coffee, take in water, the necessary calories and then ask for the direction to the ruins of the ‘Castello Di Quirra (3D panorama)’. This castle was built by the Judges of Cagliari in the first half of the 13th century on top of a 300 m high rock called Monte Cudias. It was inhabited by the ‘Pisani’ until they were driven out by the ‘Aragonesi’ in 1324 under command of Admiral Francisco Carroz. In 1363, Peter IV the king of Aragon elevated Berengario Carroz to the Marquis of Quirra and although the castle was besieged various times, it was never taken.

The story goes that after Saracen pirates had camped several weeks outside the castle, inhabitants came down with a white flag; however, not to surrender, but to offer fresh fishes from the nearby sea, demonstrating that at any time fresh water and food could be attained through a labyrinth of secret galleries and caves in mount Cudias. Nowadays, the castle can be conquered by climbing a steep narrow path along which one may encounter entrances to the inner parts of the mount that should still contain a treasure of gold once hidden there by the ravishing, greedy and murderous lady Violante Carroz.


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