Little Stinky Swamp

small swamp on the brunssumer heide

Spherical pano Little Stinky Swamp

My solitude and love for nature guided me as kid to the ‘Brunssumer hei’ which starts a ten minutes walk from home as an old and wild landscape of white Miocene sand dunes made for summer rolls and winter sledge offs, with in between little stinky swamps where frogs croak in springtime, dragonflies’ frfrfrfrfrfrfrft sound is heard in summer and rare venus flytraps catch a late autumn fly for lack of nitrogen. Continue reading


Mid Winter Fruits

triplet-candlelight-fruit-tin saucer-red marble

Collage of mid winter fruit triplet

Since being in the Netherlands at year’s end, it has been overcast, quite dark and a perfect time for vitamins from mid-winter fruits. Outside are dark-green conifersmistletoe  naked moist trees and an occasional poisonous red holly berry, while inside besides a traditional apple and some nuts, modern day fresh fruits have arrived from different seasons all over the world. Like they are concentrated under candlelight in a photo-triplet upon a tin saucer and a red marble tabletop, they remind of antique and less cosmopolitan times; as well as my patient waiting for an occasion to photograph a well illuminated landscape instead.