Door Of Silver

Spherical pano of Gennargentu

Spherical pano of Gennargentu

My idea was to find the highest possible lodge in the center of Sardinia and then photograph the Milky Way at night, but instead I wound-up against Monte Corrasi with a view on the massif of Gennargentu or ‘jenna de argentu’ in Sardinian, meaning the door of silver. It was carnival in the villages and the various places I had in mind to stay disappeared faster from the internet than I was able to book while typing.


Gennargentu By Night

At last, only the refuge of Enis Monte Maccione, a former children’s summer camp at the end of the world was left over. There I met a compatriot and had a nice evening with a light meal and a heavy Nepente di Oliena. When I got out of bed at 3 o’clock in the night, there were more stars around my head than in the cloudy night sky, bleached by the bright lights of the village of Oliena and the town of Nuoro in the distance.

monte corrasi-oliena-donkey-sardinia-olive grove

Spherica pano of view on Monte Corrasi

Going home midst early morning snowflakes and white almond blossoms I looked back on Monte Corrasi, felt like that ass and decided to try again in springtime, maybe with a little tent on Punta La Marmora (1,834 m), somewhat closer to heaven and farther from men, where the stars are still waiting.


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