Little Green Train


Spherical pano little green train there

Almost a century ago in 1921, the English writer D.H. Lawrence, author of Lady Chatterley’s Lover, together with his wife Frieda, wherever they went for breathtaking journeys as told in his ‘Sea and Sardinia‘, used the little green train there (spherical pano). At that time, ‘Il trenino verde’ was the fastest means of transport connecting Sardinian villages along steep and winding tracks traversing the mountainous areas from the center of the island.


Spherical pano little green train back

Nowadays, you may follow tracks with steam locomotive FCS 400, huffing and puffing (sound file) in the early days of springtime, when the land is still green; not only giving the train its name, but also decreasing the risk for wildfire that is keeping it locked inside for the rest of the dry year. Afterward, like I once used to do together with my bike, one has to take the diesel along the same stations, on the way to work, passing stationmasters that still have a friendly word so many years later when I take for sheer pleasure that little green train back (spherical pano).


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