Bitter Sweet Smoothie

Excerpt from a zoomable collage of the ingredients for a Bitter Sweet Smoothie..

I have been experimenting with the blender to make smoothies with a bite. This is another recipe that I dare to release. This bitter sweet smoothie is inspired by a neo-classical Belgian endive salad we used to prepare with tangerine and raisins at our student dorm. I exchanged the tangerine for the bitter grapefruit, added besides bitter endive also the bitter Italian chicory. To sweeten, I added the very tasty little wild Sardinian pears with some juice of pears and with raisins. Finally, I added a bit of ginger for the bite.

Ingredients: 2 stalks of Italian Chicory (radicchio) + 2 stalks of Belgian Endive (cicoria di bruxelles) + 2 Grapefruits (pompelmo). Pear (pero) + Raisin (uvetta) to sweeten according to taste and eventual with juice of pears instead of water. Ginger (zenzero) added for bite and to taste.

Preparation: Cut the Italian Chicory, Belgian Endive and Pears into pieces (Tagliato). Add together with the rest of the ingredients and maybe some extra water to the blender (Frullatore). Blend until the desired consistency is reached.

Serving: Cold in a beaker (bicchiere).

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