Goodbeye, Farewell, Hello


Spherical Pano of Perda S’Oliu Mine

It has been a while since I posted a photo and story from Sardinia and now I say goodbye, farewell and hello from the Perda S’Oliu Mine . With pain in my heart and tears in my eyes I leave this last panorama photo of a visit to an abandoned cobalt mine in the mountains near the town of Fluminimaggiore at the end of June in the hope to return soon. In my new live, I shall try to continue the creation of panorama photos showing scenes from Ankara  and the rest of a rapidly modernizing ancient Byzantine-Ottoman empire, inviting you to visit me once in a while at my new site ANKARAMAS.


A Noisy Beast

high rises-genneruxi-vagliari-sodium vapor lamps-daybreak

Spherical pano of Generruxi

Every day, early in the morning, my usually so very quiet Cagliarian neighborhood Genneruxi is brutally disturbed by a noisy beast. Midst the sound of awakening birds, roaring and howling approaches in the distance, turns corners, passes other streets and finally appears below my house. Several nights I got out of bed, trying to trap the thing on photo in the light of late sodium-vapor lamps and early rising sun. Only once a year, just after Labor Day, the three come together and when I am finally ready to catch my prey, around the corner appears a disappointing miserable little creature, as the operators of the large garbage truck are still sleeping-off their holiday hangover. Fortunately I have that earlier sound recording.

The Beast’s Neighbor


Reading the damned about a 13 year old girl in hell on the 13th of November while waiting for the doctor with number 666 in line.

Once I thought about ordering that T-shirt which said “number 665 the Beast’s Neighbor”, but then why inviting trouble for nothing, so I left it at that. Last year got my trouble nevertheless, difficulty of walking, couldn’t keep my equilibrium. Thought it would pass and there should be no need to visit the doctor, just like hardly ever before. After New Year, the thirteenth moon, a cripple walking with a stick, send to the emergency ward of the hospital, they made pictures and refused to let me go. Continue reading

Play In Park


Zoomable collage of Play In Park

Once a year, when summer ends and schools begin in Cagliari, children are reminded of the ancient games, the dices, the cards and the boards, as they play in park. As children we invent our spontaneous plays and then play according to age-old rules. So we learn about competition (Agon) , chance (Alea), simulation (Mimicry) and vertigo (Ilinx). As long as we do not forget playing we are Homo ludens and only then we also remain Homo sapiens, like the saying goes: ‘We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing’. Besides, you really learn to know yourself and others during play, like Bette Davis once remarked: ‘I will play with it first and tell you what it is later’ Continue reading

Made In Sardinia


Zoomable Collage Made In Sardinia

Following a tip of friend Giorgia, I went to the 29 August evening event ‘lights at the Castle’ (Luci a Castello) in Cagliari, especially for the subterranean excursion and then prematurely wound up at the exhibition of hand crafts (artigianato) made in Sardinia. Looked like all of culture minded Cagliari came just for the excursion to the caves below the Castle of St Remy and of course there were not enough torches and helmets. The excursion was then cancelled for security reasons. Since this is the second time, could it be a publicity stunt, also to be read on the faces of in-crowd near the guide with the megaphone? Anyhow, there are other occasions and too many is too much, also above ground, so let them have their alternative excursion.  go for the excellent exhibition of the hand craft shown in ways artists think suits best their original works, meanwhile also exposing a bit of their own personalities.

Fly Cove Snorkeling

Cormorants underwater photography cala mosca cagliari sardinia

Cormorants and underwater photographs Cala Mosca

Cala (cove) Mosca (fly) is a well known little beach frequented by elderly Cagliaritani where I can practice my underwater photography during some fly cove snorkelling. It is about 10 minutes drive from my house and I go there around 9 in the morning when the sun just peeks over the white limestone cliff and starts illuminating the rocky sea below.  At that time, the parking lot has not yet filled up and the sun bathers just start occupying the beach. Continue reading

Alive And Kicking

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I develop methods and materials to clean contaminated water and soil, which keeps me alive and kicking.  Companies responsible for clean-up operations can hire my expertise. Regular sampling in the field, measuring in the laboratory and reporting on the progress of a cleaning system is called monitoring and part of my job. I cherish the days that I can go outside into the mountains of Sardinia to monitor an operation. Yesterday I visited with friend Nicola of the environmental engineering company a filter system we build together with friend Claudio from the environmental construction company Continue reading