Mid Winter Fruits

triplet-candlelight-fruit-tin saucer-red marble

Collage of mid winter fruit triplet

Since being in the Netherlands at year’s end, it has been overcast, quite dark and a perfect time for vitamins from mid-winter fruits. Outside are dark-green conifersmistletoe  naked moist trees and an occasional poisonous red holly berry, while inside besides a traditional apple and some nuts, modern day fresh fruits have arrived from different seasons all over the world. Like they are concentrated under candlelight in a photo-triplet upon a tin saucer and a red marble tabletop, they remind of antique and less cosmopolitan times; as well as my patient waiting for an occasion to photograph a well illuminated landscape instead.


Happy New Year

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At year’s end, I like remembering, reflecting, introspecting and relaxing a bit and before resuming, wishing you a happy new year of 2013.

Bonaria Death Rows


Spherical panorama Bonaria cemetery wall vaults

Burial above ground in a magnificent mausoleum is for the happy few, but the ordinary have to be content with a vault in the wall, neatly stacked in Bonaria death rows at the oldest cemetery of Cagliari.. It is like living in a mansion or in a flat; you either afford a large footprint or are content tiptoeing. At least at Bonaria cemetery you rest in peace for ever, while at other cemeteries you get evicted if the rent is not paid in time. This reminds me of my aunt telling us that she had arranged for a really luxury grave, allowing her to go home in the weekends. Continue reading

Bernardu Fishes Dream

Bernardu Sardinia lagoon fishing boats early morning

Bernardu lagoon fishing boats early morning

The early stop at Chia is where Bernardu fishes dream behind a wooden walkway. The quiet bay in the morning sun rests idle before rowing boats waiting along the water side. A stretch of stones may betray its other day as a salt plant, now drowned and abandoned. Who knows but the fishermen staring in the distance? Shouldn’t I have checked it out by asking them? Guess I was also still sleepy in the early morning of my nascent life as a photo reporter.

Not Many Words

Eye Hans Zijlstra Sardaramas

Bad sight, Better vision

Many words are needed for the sentences that stories are made off. My words are hidden and difficult to find. They do not want to be remembered. That’s why they must be dragged to these pages to do their job. It seems that’s the least they can do after all those years that I cared for them and never asked a favour in return. To help along, they are supported by pictures. And for each picture, 1000 words shall be freed already well before the day that even the pictures fade and fail to tell those stories.