Tempus De Brunzu


Spherical pano of the outside of Nuraghe Piscu

Scattered all over the island of Sardinia, one finds some 7000 remains of towers and even castles surrounded by villages that were constructed during the Bronze Age or ‘Tempus De Brunzu’. The ‘Nuraghe de su Piscu’ (‘nurra’ or  heap of stones of the bishop) is one of them, found along the road between the towns of Suelli and Mandas. This Megalithic structure is thought to have been build during the late Bronze Age (1500 – 1200 BC) and consists of a central conical tower with four smaller ones connected by walls and surrounded by a village of huts of which traces are still visible on aerials. Outside Nuraghe Piscu, it is the endemic perennial Magydaris pastinacea that rules these days. Continue reading


Little Funny Figurines

Zoomable-collage-of-little-funny-figurines-bronze age-nuraghe-cagliari-national-archaeological-museum-sardinia

Zoomable collage of little funny figurines

Mankind is distinguished from any other species in the kingdom of animals by its ability to handle fire and in metal rich Sardinia; the progress in the art of making heat and metallurgy is first witnessed by the appearance of little funny figurines, made of bronze (1000 oC) about 4000 years ago before the arrival of the Age of Iron (1500 oC) some 1000 years later when copper became scarce. At least 7000 prehistoric sites are scattered on the island, consisting of the remains of sacred wells, burial tombs, towers, huts and in the end even castles surrounded by villages, all made of stones stacked without cement by the people of the Nuragic civilization of the Bronze Age. Continue reading