Harrowing Of Hades


Spherical pano of Cagliari west side

Saturday afternoon before Easter, the day of Christ’s harrowing of Hades (3D pano), weather turned good enough for pictures of a sunset; so that the day Jesus descended into hell, I ascend along the east wall of the Citadel of Cagliari and upon exiting the elevator hear the hymns of the ‘Processione del Cristo Morto (video)’. Carrying his heavy cross and holy sacrament, winding through the high and narrow historic quarter from the Church of San Giovanni to the Cathedral of Santa Maria and Santa Cecilia; our paths meet as I, travelling with only a light vision and my photo equipment trolley on wheels, try reaching the west-side before the sun hides behind distant clouds and then home again empty-headed before descending the stairs of Bastion San Remy into the blue grey light of early night.