Cagliari Port Sunrise


Zoomable flat pano of the port of Cagliari

This weekend I remained hidden in the house dreaming of far away places and thinking of leaving for long voyages, maybe even taking the boat at Cagliari port sunriseRemembering sitting on a bench watching the ships come and go, I contemplate following in the wake of the Romans that conquered the port of ‘Caralis’ from the Carthaginians and exported wheat, salt, lead, copper and silver from the island of Sardinia to the ever hungry continent. The port of ‘Callari’ once was the maritime center of the western world until the discovery of the Indies and Americas and then remained an important hub for the Mediterranean with more than 5000 ships passing annually, transporting over half a million containers. Somehow, I and my meager possessions might have to fit into that traffic going sometime somewhere elsewhere .


Paris At Buggerru


Spherical Pano of Port of Buggerru

Great riches were made by the French with the mine in the narrow valley of Malfidano (bad trust) opening to the sea near little Paris at Buggerru. Miners worked in miserable poverty (video) while their zinc ore was shipped and luxury arrived for the patrons from abroad. Greed knew no bounds and a hot hour of rest was taken away during the middle of the day in September 1904. Two thousand fired-up miners gathered in front of the capitalist’s lair. First stones thrown were answered by bullets and petrified the memory of three deaths in the center of town. After twelve days, for the first time socialist laborers of Italy laid down their work in a general strike and seventy five years later the mine closed. Nowadays the town slowly empties while the port fills up with sand.

Benedetto Fish Market

Collage Mediterranean sea food fish lobster langouste Cagliari san benedetto fish market cagliari

Sea food Cagliari San Benedetto Market

Each day of the week there is fresh fish at San Benedetto Fish Market, except on Sunday when fish don’t work and worship Neptune in the Mediterranean Sea. I find fish most beautiful in the water, on their second-best fresh on the market and ugly on the dish, but then they at least taste good. I go to the fish market in the centre of Cagliari, a few km from the harbour, to buy fish for the grill (expensive) or for the soup (cheap). Continue reading

Stuck In Middle

Sea grasses somewhere stuck in the middle along the western part of the South coast of Sardinia and I had to guess where exactly. Friend Nicola had shown underwater pictures taken at his favourite beach, right between the villages of Chia and Teulada, where his parents came from.  Beach life is sweet during the days of June to September. Nature is harsh at summer days and shows me by its light. For some pictures you really need to get out at sunrise. For others you just have to know what you are doing. Well, what can I say? For a first try it’s bad, yet I do not despair. Thus the fish just have to get used to me..

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